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A warning: just because images are visible on the Internet THEY ARE NOT IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN unless the copyright holder, the creator, has stated that they are free to use.Without that express written permission they are not public domain - you can view them but no more.

I am a professional photographer and this is a comnmercial site, I will happily licence images for clearly defined purposes on the payment of a fee that we agree for that use. I only license RIGHTS MANAGED images. I do not provide royalty free, microstock images or subscription sales.

Rights managed photographs are billed for a fee, typically starting at around £150 depending on the photograph, size used and other factors and will be charged for an agreed period (usually one day up to one year increments) for each use in in a publication, URL and website. Any further use and there will be additional licence fees.

If you have a usage in mind please email initially to with the identity of the image and the usage you have in mind. Someone will call you to discuss terms and prices; see more on the Prints & Licencing page. Once we have agreed terms the licence will be sent to you for your approval and once approved and fee paid we will send the images as digital files of the appropriate size.

All original work created by an individual or other legal body (e.g. a company) is protected by copyright. Copyright automatically exists on the creation of the work, in any medium and is granted to the author of that work who gains exclusive rights to define how and where the work is used, to benefit from that use and to be acknowledged as the creator of that work.

So the message is:

Do Not Copy Any Part of This Site Without Written Permission

This means that anyone who does not have written permission from the copyright owner must not reproduce the work in any medium or as part of another work. This includes publication in company presentations, on a blog, on the internet, in anthologies, creating an audiobook from a written document, even using it as an avatar or otherwise sharing it on a social networking site such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.This even applies on not for profit and personal sites such as a blog; the absence of advertising or commercial intent does not give any additional rights to steal images or protection against the need to pay compensation.

For copyright to be transferred from the owner, usually the creator, to a third party it must be done formally in writing; hence the formal licence for permitting agreed usage. It should not simply be taken. So use of copyright material without permission is a breach of the copyright holder's rights and they can claim damages for that breach – often substantial.

I subscribe to a service that detects and pursues copyright infringement globally - if you steal material they will find you. You will then find it gets very expensive, very quickly. Many times more expensive than if you had licenced picture usage properly in the first place.

The rules of copyright apply internationally and are subject to the terms of the Berne Convention on Intellectual Property.

For more information:

ALll our images are, or are in the process of being, registered with the US Copyright Office which means in many jurisdictions additional damages can be sought for copyright infringement.

Martin P Wilson takes copyright seriously and he will protect his copyright and that of others who have provided material (with permission) for this site. Bear in mind that copyright covers not just the visible site but also the underlying code and other material that produces that view. Copyright infringment will result in expensive penalties for any use of material without permission.

All Material on this site: © Martin P Wilson. All Rights Reserved

Do Not Copy Any Part of This Site Without Written Permission