Collectable Artworks and Licencing

Licencing of Images for Publication

We only licence RIGHTS MANAGED images. We do not do royalty free, microstock or subscription sales.

If they wish to use an image commercially then you should bear in mind very few of my images have model or property releases. Others due to the terms of my access to the event, location or people may be restriced expressly to editorial use only.

Most images can be made available to editorial web or print publications.

Pricing, and licence terms, will be based on size, usage and period of use; exclusivity may be possible depending on previous licenced usage and may be either all encompassing or limited to exclusivity in a region or industry sector.

To licence one or more images (we can also do picture stories and features, with or without words) editors should email Sales @ (remove spaces) with outlines details of:

  • Publication and circulation - both numbers and geographic spread
  • Size and how long the images will in use for
  • Position in the publication, covers and web front pages cost more than a small thumbnbail on page 19.
  • Any secondary uses for example on contents page or as a thumbnail link to the main use.
  • Contact details of course so I, or my presentative, can call you back to negotiate terms.

For guidance we would normally aim to work to something like the NUJ of FotoQuote pricing models.

Prints for Display

I am happy to provide prints for personal display purposes only. At this stage we are trying to decide whether to provide limited editions which are more expensive, but more exclusive; they may even, in time, increase in value. Or do I recognise the repeatable nature of photographic print making and sell more affordable prints. In any case I am thinking possibly of three levels:

  • Original - individually commissioned prints of a size and form specified by the customer. I generally see these as pictures for wall display. Always individually produced and signed by the photographer these will naturally limit themselves with time.
  • Collectors edition - gallery sized photographic prints of a predefined size and format, again signed individually by the photographer but numbers not limited except by the lifetime of the photographer.
  • Enthusiasts edition - smaller, but still high quality photographic prints that are machine signed and titled. It will be possible for these to continue indefinitely

The intention is that the latter two will be archival quality prints, whatever printing technology I feel will produce the best, and most long-lived result (if properly stored). An "Original" may need to be giclée depending on size and the medium on which it is printed - canvas for instance would usually require giclée printing.

Prices and availability are still to be determined and I would comments from potential customers and collectors on what they would consider appropriate for their needs. So please do comment on this matter and email me: Iam @ (remove spaces).


If you wish to put on exhibition of my work please email at Iam @ (remove spaces). I will be delighted to help you and will call you back to discuss your needs and timetable.


Much of my current work is intended to be published in book form when it is complete or there are enough images to tell a complete story.

When any books are ready links will be provided here to enable you to buy them.

I am happy to hear from editors who may wish to commission a book. Bear in mind I am also an author who has had three books published by major international publishers.