About Me and My Photography

Street art in BratislavaI am a photojournalist, and writer, based in Nottingham, England. I have been reinventing myself and rediscovering my enthusiasm for photography, language and slow travel. I was once a sports photographer. After aninterruption doing other things in business I am back and taking pleasure in the challenge of rediscovering my photographic muse.

I was recreated in 2009 when the financial crisis liberated me and allowed me to return to my real passion. I am no longer that person; that was another life. It took place in a different world, at a different time. My life is now taking a different course and with it has come a new found confidence about my photography and writing. I am happier for it.

As a photojournalist I will not be chasing off to distant conflicts or famines, or even searching out the bleaker side of the human condition here at home. Important as it is, I will leave that for others to cover. That is not for me, I will seek out the neglected stories and images of the street, the gently positive stories of everyday life, or even finding interest in the apparently banal, that get overlooked in favour of the sensational. Indeed, I enjoy life and want to celebrate the positive and quirky, to have fun with my subjects and my photography. Life is too short and uncertain to waste it on the negative.

I want, even need, to cover these subjects anyway. I hope to meet interesting people, widen my horizons and simply find pleasure in the everyday. I hope to be able to record something of their lives, even the mundane, for posterity. How often have we looked at old photographs of people, folk we never knew, going about their lives which are now interesting to us as we look back a hundred years? I hope my work will do the same in the 22nd century. Do not get me wrong, I will be taking a robust approach to making an income but I will do so in a way that is companionable and gives pleasure to me and the people I meet.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and if they occasionally raise a smile, or cause a tear I will be satisified. If however you want to buy  a print or licence the use of any of my images for your publication I will find the money doubly rewarding.

Martin P Wilson, 1 January 2015